The last time I posted, I told you about all this great new stuff that we did over the summer.  Now, I’ll share with you some of the stuff we did throughout the whole year.

Last year (for statistics, we compile them on a fiscal year calendar (July 1 – June 30) we loaned a great many books (and DVD/VHS, laptops, extension cords, and headphones, and CD’s, microphones, cameras, camcorders, projectors, and I think you get the point by now :)) We also borrowed a lot from other libraries, not to mention fielded reference questions and taught information literacy to SMCM classes, among a great many other things.

If you were wondering just how often we do some of these things, today is your lucky day!

  • To our own patrons (students, faculty, staff), we loaned 16,993 items
  • To USMAI patrons, we loaned 5,673 items
  • From other USMAI libraries, we borrowed 3,488 items
  • To our local patrons (residents of St. Mary’s, Charles, or Calvert counties are eligible to sign up for a library card), we loaned 669 items
  • We loaned 782 print reserve items
  • We loaned 483 laptops
  • We loaned 365 media center items
  • We filled 3,652 ILLiad requests (580 books & 3,072 journal articles)
  • SMCM librarians taught information literacy skills to 117 SMCM classes and 1,786 students
  • Among the reference desk, email, and walk-ins to our offices & the Archives, SMCM librarians fielded 1,750 reference questions

Now, let’s see Mastercard make a commercial out of that!!


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