St. Mary’s Staff Book Club

Staff Book Club SP 2013 lrgWelcome to the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Staff Book Club. Organized by the staff and open to everyone on campus. The book club meets in person on the last Thursday of the month at 12:00pm in the Library Boardroom. You can also participate online by rating or reviewing a book, attendance is not required.


The Dog Stars

On February 28 the book club will discuss Peter Heller’s, The Dog Stars described by The San Francisco Chronicle as a “ravishing doomsday novel.”  This post-apocalyptic novel centers around Hig, one of the few survivors of a superflu that wiped out most of the United States. According to The Boston Globe, “Peter Heller serves up an insightful account of physical, mental, and spiritual survival unfolded in dramatic and often lyrical prose, a difficult tale in which unexpected hope persistently flickers amid darkness.”

I hope you will read with us, if not in person – online.

— Pamela Mann


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