A librarian walked into a bar…

Paula Cole at the House of Blues

Do you remember Paula Cole? She is a singer songwriter known by some for her first big hit, “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” and by others for the Dawson’s Creek theme, “I Don’t Want to Wait.”  You are most likely not in the rarefied group, those of us who will remember her as the singer who shushed librarians in the House of Blues. Yes, it was a very special occasion for us all when she politely but firmly asked us to shut up and listen to her sing. Since becoming a librarian I have been shushed many times in the library, but never before have I been shushed in a bar. This was without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of this year’s American Library Association’s Annual Conference (ALA.)

There were few Laura Lippmancelebrity sightings at ALA this year, but there was a panel with Baltimore native Laura Lippman, author of the Tess Monaghan mystery series and winner of almost every crime award possible; the Edgar Award, Anthony Award, Agatha Award, Nero Wolfe Award, Shamus Award, and the Quill Award.

Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

I did get a sneak peak at Grumpy Cat’s new book, A Grumpy Book. Unfortunately he wasn’t available to sign his book so the question remains, will he sign autographs with his left or right paw?



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