The SMCM Library is entering the wonderful world of ebooks, and using data to get there.  The Library is participating in a pilot project, along with other USMAI campus libraries, to begin adding ebooks to the library collection.  For this pilot, however, we’re following your lead and only purchasing titles which you would like to read and borrow.  During the pilot, the Library has access to 8500 ebooks.  Those titles which are borrowed six or more times will be permanently adding to the collection.  The USMAI campus libraries have access to the same pool of 8500 ebooks, and those titles which are purchased will be accessible to all of USMAI.  A book will not belong to a single library, and can be read and borrowed by multiple users at the same time.


To use library jargon, this process is called demand driven acquisitions.  Our library users create a demand by borrowing a title, and we let that demand dictate which books we purchase or acquire.  Traditionally, the librarians make acquisition decisions, based on a variety of information and recommendations.  For this pilot, we’re standing back and letting you select the titles.  If you’d like to learn more about how the pilot project works, and how to access and borrow ebooks through the catalog, take a look at this research guide, USMAI Demand Driven eBooks Pilot Project.


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