New database trial!


Are you in search of information about Latin America?  The Caribbean?  Looking for scholarly articles, or simply statistics?  What about primary sources?  News sources?  Well, look no further!  The Library is hosting a free trial of Gale World Scholar:  Latin America and the Caribbean.  This database contains both historical and contemporary content from a variety of sources and document types, including:

  • Historical monographs, manuscripts and newspapers
  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • Audio, video and other multimedia
  • International news sources
  • Reference sources
  • Reliable statistics

You can access this trial through the month of November from on-campus at this URL

What do you think of this database?  Let us know!  By sharing your thoughts and feedback on this anonymous form, you’ll help us decide if we should continue providing access to this product or not, when our trial comes to an end.  Thanks!



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