Online now, the Point News (etc.)!

When was the Point News not the Point News?

For most of the 1940s and ’50s the St. Mary’s student newspaper was called “The Signal News.”

Signal News 1953

Tom Barrett plans orientation

It first became “The Point News” in 1959.

Point News 1961

A recurring theme

Then for most of the 1970s and into the ’80s it was “The Empath.”

Empath 1973

Another recurring theme

Empath 1979

Uncharted territory

Empath 1984

Not to be confused with the mac lab

Much to the dismay of some 1970s and early ’80s alumni, the name “The Point News” returned in 1985.

Point News 1989

Witnesses to history

Point News 1998

First report on the storied Riot of ’98

Point News 2000

Going green in 2000

Whatever the name, St. Mary’s student newspapers  from 1952 through 2002 have been digitized and are now available online, fully word-searchable, via the Archives web site!

And because we take our duty to preserve our historical record seriously, physical copies of all these papers (as well as those from the 1940s and from 2002 to date) are safely tucked away in the College Archives.  Hard copies of issues from 2002 to date are also available in the Library.

Happy reading!