Where to Go When You Don’t Know Where to Go


Photo by Eden and Josh on Flickr

It’s a familiar problem: You’re about to start researching in a subject area that’s somewhat new to you and you just aren’t sure where to start. You might fumble around Google for a bit, do a few searches in a few different databases or the library’s catalog, but with all of the resources available it’s tough trying to figure out where to go to get the information you need.

Enter Research Guides, your research superheroes!

research-guides-screenshotAccessible from the Research Help menu on the library’s homepage, Research Guides are websites created by your subject librarians to help guide you to research resources appropriate to your subject area. There are Research Guides for Arts & Humanities, Psychology, Economics, and so many other subjects. You’ll save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by simply starting your research off right. So if you haven’t looked at our research guides yet, take a peek!

Making the Quest for Tests & Measures a Little Easier

APALife just got a little easier for students searching for psychological tests and measures. The library now has a subscription to the American Psychological Association’s PsycTESTS online database.

What PsycTESTS does NOT contain: Every psychological test, measure, scale, survey instrument or assessment tool ever written. Sorry, folks.

What PsycTESTS DOES contain:

  • Over 5,000 actual tests or test items
  • Primarily unpublished tests (tests developed by researchers but not commercially available as stand-alone testing kits)
  • Summaries of some commercially available tests along with their purpose, some history of their development, and publisher contact information.
  • Links to articles describing the development, review, and/or use of the test.

Not bad, huh?

Yes, many of the tests are relevant to psychological research, but there are measures that cover quite a few different subject areas, including education, sociology and health. If you’re working on your SMP or just a research paper and need a test, measure or assessment tool, try searching PsycTESTS.

But don’t forget! If you can’t find what you need in PsycTESTS, we have plenty of excellent print resources for locating tests and measures. Take a look at the Psychology Research Guide for a quick refresher.